The Pike Bite

A morning of pike fishing mayhem.

Corn Coast
Kayak Anglers

The Corn Coast Kayak Anglers are a small group of friends who met at the feet of The Burning Man in the middle of the desert. Oddly enough, the brothers, the couple and the old man were all on a similar path in life. They were all seeking big fish, literally and figuratively. As the sport of kayak fishing progressed, the anglers found the perfect platform for their trophy fishing lifestyles. They began chasing fish of all species and locale in their kayaks. They soon formed their alliance under the Corn Coast flag, a blood bond … never to be broken. One night, during a fireside fish chant ritual the northern lights illuminated an image of a great fish in the sky and the group knew what they had to do. Together, they float long rivers, navigate the city's canals and travel the country to fish tournaments. Their search is always for the same thing…the legend fish, the record, the fish that haunts dreams. Adventure is a by-product of their never-ending search and for the Corn Coast crew … a way of life.


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